Reel Reviews in the press.

Michael Geoghegan and his show, Reel Reviews, have appeared in numerous print, radio and television reports on podcasting.

Blogger and Podcaster – June, 2007
Cover Article: Blogger and Podcaster

Iowa Public Television – December 14, 2006
Assignment Iowa

WZLX 100.7FM – April 16, 2006
Common Ground

The Sheboygan Press – March 1, 2006
Podcasting makes pros out of amateurs

“Geoghegan said it’s relatively easy for anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to subscribe to, or create, a podcast.”

Daily Camera – February 1, 2006
Profiting off the pod people

“Michael Geoghegan, of Willnick Productions Inc. in Newport Beach, Calif., launched the “Reel Reviews Radio” movie review podcast in late 2004. He later branched out, co-founding a podcast on wine, “Grape Radio.” It quickly became one of the few profitable podcasts… Disney now pays Geoghegan to produce a new podcast each month for the Disneyland Web site.”

Marketplace – January 5, 2006
Podcasting for fun… and profit

“Entrepreneur Michael Geoghegan and his friends chipped in thirty grand to build the studio for Grape Radio, a wine podcast with a business plan.”

Boston Globe – December 25, 2005
Companies catch on to podcasts’
marketing power

“Geoghegan treated his audience to a tour of Walt Disney’s private apartment above the fire station on Main Street, interviews with ”Mary Poppins” star Julie Andrews and Disney chairman Michael Eisner, and reminiscences from some of that day’s park visitors.”

Baltimore Sun – December 11, 2005
Companies catch on to podcasts’
marketing power

“Geoghegan treated his audience to a tour of Walt Disney’s private apartment above the fire station on Main Street, interviews with ”Mary Poppins” star Julie Andrews and Disney chairman Michael Eisner, and reminiscences from some of that day’s park visitors.”

Macworld – December 9, 2005
Year of the podcast

“Podcasting isn�t just for the hardcore geeks anymore. It�s become much more than the insular and self-referential world of Adam Curry, Dave Winer, Dawn and Drew, Michael Geoghegan and others.”

Oakland Tribune – November 19, 2005
Podcasts and big business

“Last May, the Walt Disney Company recruited author and podcaster Michael Geoghegan to create a series of podcasts related to the theme park’s 50th anniversary celebration.””

CNBC – The Closing Bell
November 16, 2005
Podcasting Boom

KFI 640AM – November 12, 2005
The Leo Laporte Show

“Geoghegan… is really in many ways one of the elders of podcasting.”

Playlist – November 10, 2005
Podcasting conference kicks off this weekend

“The expo will close out on Saturday with a seminar by Michael Geoghegan of Reel Reviews on how to make money from podcasts. Geohagen is also the author of “Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Podcasting” and was hired by Disney to produce podcasts about Disneyland.”

New York Times – October 30, 2005
From Your Living Room to the World, via Podcast

“Michael W. Geoghegan, whose podcasts include movie reviews, started with a modest home studio and began adding more sophisticated and expensive equipment.”

KNTS 1220AM – October 1, 2005
Inside Mac Radio

Rocky Mountain News – October 1, 2005
Diversity of Podcast Programs Growing

“‘It can be anything from corporate commercial stuff to somebody sharing their most personal thoughts,’ says Michael Geoghegan, who last year launched his own podcast dedicated to DVD reviews, called ‘Reel Reviews.'”

WB 11 WPIX – New York

October, 2005
Curt The CyberGuy – Syndicated

Orange County Register – September 12, 2005
Podcasting goes corporate

“Free-access podcasts are just the beginning of corporate involvement, Geoghegan says, predicting that “privatecasting” will be the next big use. He worked with a computer science class at Duke University in North Carolina that this month is starting to distribute the professor’s lectures, homework assignments and multimedia handouts to students enrolled in the class.”

Financial Times of London – July 26, 2005
Hobbyists go online – but will podcasting
kill the radio star?

“No one can predict when or if podcasting will go mainstream. Meanwhile, podcasters such as Mr Geoghegan and Mr Bourquin will continue to tap advertisers and perhaps eventually experiment with paid subscriptions.”

PR Week – July 18, 2005
Podcasting: Podcasts open new doors for
customer relationships

“On the heels of the blog explosion, some companies are trying their hands at podcasting, or messaging via web audio files, to engage tech-savvy consumers.”

The Globe And Mail – July 18, 2005
Firms lining up to capitalize
on podcasting phenomenon

“Podcasts — on-line audio shows that can be downloaded to any portable MP3 player — are quickly changing from a fringe phenomenon into a powerful communications tool for companies.”

Velocity / Courier-Journal – May, 2005
Pod Squad

“Geoghegan spends about 15 minutes once a week talking about a particular movie into a microphone. That recording becomes his podcast. But his reviews are not just reviews. They interweave analysis with little nuggets about actors, filmmakers and scenes.”

CNN – [email protected]
– March, 2005

Wired – March, 2005
Cover Article – The End Of Radio

“Geoghegan, host of Reel Reviews, says he never would have had the time for Internet broadcasting if it hadn’t been as easy as ‘clicking a button and talking.'”

San Francisco Chronicle – February 28, 2005
Podcasting gives voice to amateurs

“This made me feel really stupid, until I received some words of encouragement from Michael Geoghegan of Newport Beach (Orange County), host of the popular movie review podcast “Reel Reviews” at mwgblog .com.”

San Francisco Chronicle #2 – February 28, 2005
Homespun shows find big audience
Do-it-yourself podcasters turn their living
rooms, basements into studios

“Geoghegan, 36, had no radio experience before he started Nov. 25, but now records about 5,000 downloads per show, found at “I got an e- mail from someone in Belgium, and I was sold,” he said. “Someone halfway around the world was listening. The most powerful station in Southern California is KFI, and my podcast has a farther reach.”

New York Times – February 18, 2005
From Your Living Room to the World, via Podcast

“Podcasting has tended to be contagious; after Mr. Geoghegan stumbled on a Web site about podcasting in September and started his show, he persuaded three friends who like wine to start Grape Radio.”

New Scientist – February 13, 2005
‘Podcasters’ deliver radio-on-demand

“‘You can literally set up a radio station in your basement,’ says Michael Geogehan, who runs Reel Reviews, a movie review podcast, based in Newport Beach, California, US.”

Seattle Times – February 12, 2005
Podcasting power

“Here are the podcasts receiving the most votes on Podcast Alley. #3. Reel Reviews – Films Worth Watching (”

USA Today – February 8, 2005
Podcasting: It’s all over the dial

“The same motivation drives Michael Geoghegan, 36, a Newport Beach, Calif., insurance marketing company owner. His devotion to movies – he has 1,200 titles in his basement – spurred him to begin podcasting Reel Reviews. Each segment focuses on the merits and minutiae of one favorite film.”

CNN – Paula Zahn Now
February, 2005

All Things Considered – January 31, 2005
Personal Radio Via Podcasting Grows
More Popular

“The podcast pushes the range of personal online rantings to something close to an international radio broadcast.”

Orange County Register – January 29, 2005
Podcasts sprout in cyberspace

“Although Geoghegan is a podcasting pioneer, he insists he’s not technically adept. He’s just a fan of old movies and the owner of an insurance wholesaling company. In early October, when he was searching the Internet for some iTunes software, he came across the term “podcast.””

Tages Anzeiger (Swiss) – January 10, 2005
MP3-Radioshows erobern das Netz

“Reel Reviews: Filmbesprechungen von alten Klassikern und neuen Werken plus netzliche Infos for Podcast-Macherinnen. (unregelmossig, E)”

Wired – December 31, 2004
Cover Article – The End Of Radio

“Slusher also said he regularly listens to Reel Reviews, Mike Geoghegan’s podcast about movies. “Every so often, he picks a movie, announces it upfront and gives people time to re-watch it,” Slusher said. “He does a super in-depth show.”

Philidelphia Inquirer – November 27, 2004
Cover Article – The End Of Radio

“Then how about Michael Geoghegan’s Reel Reviews? Every few days the Newport Beach, Calif., insurance wholesaler talks for about 10 minutes about another of his favorite flicks from his basement theater as his wife and kids sleep.”

New York Times – October 24, 2004

Film reviews by Michael Geoghegan, a cinephile from Newport Beach, Calif. ( New episodes every few days.”

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