Reel Reviews' first podcast published on October 17, 2004 - yes, podcasting in 2004!
After 10 years of no new episodes, AOL finally pulled the epsiodes from their servers.
Most links to the podcasts are now dead.
I keep this here as a record of one of the original podcasts.
- Michael

Reel Reviews – Rebel Without A Cause

Rebel Without A Cause

Reel Reviews #58: “You’re tearing me apart.” An all time classic. James Dean turns in a great performance in the film which he is probably best remembered for. It’s time for tough kids, Fifties style. “What can you do when you have to be a man?”

Download from the AOL servers: Reel Reviews – Rebel Without A Cause (17:15 min 16MB)


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  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Jimmy CraicHead May 4th, 2006 at 3:19 pm

    Michael, My first opportunity to view Rebel was a few months after graduating College in 1982. I used Grad gifts to buy a VCR for over $650 (big money then) and watched in on a Sunday night at 9pm. The movie pumped me up so much I had to hit the streets of a then empty center city Philadelphia after it to kick back a few beers. East of Eden and Giant were soon to follow. My fave line was, “I’m cute too” while Dean changed the tire at Griffith Obseratory. Running joke at the end of 1981…….what kind of wood doesn’t float?
    Natalie Wood!

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