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Thanks For The Requests

Great review requests coming in via the new Reel Reviews DVD List

1 Response to “Thanks For The Requests”

  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Russ Apr 19th, 2006 at 4:40 pm

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve been enjoying your podcasts for a good while now, and get a real kick out of your choice of films and depth of H’wood knowledge. You do a great show.

    (You may want to save this message for later, as I’ve gotten a bit wordy with it)…

    Regarding “what people would like to hear,” as you’d mentioned in this post, there’s one film that I’m sure won’t quite make your list, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if I wasn’t the first person to mention it: Joe Versus the Volcano.

    I know, you needn’t say it. If the film is known for anything, it’s for how good it wasn’t. However, I’m sure that if you can remember the film at all, you know that it wasn’t all bad.

    In case you’re still reading this message, I’ll mention why I believe this is a “film worth watching”:

    While it is silly and sappy, I hope you will agree that it shows how a movie needn’t conform to the popular formulae of the time to be entertaining.

    John Patrick Shanley – not cut out to be a director, but I think the world really needed to see what he would do when given the chance to tell a story that mattered to him. I’m just glad he directed this and Moonstruck got Jewison.

    Tom Hanks – certainly not a landmark effort, but really not a bad job for the time.

    Meg Ryan – did a very nice job separating the styles of her three roles, I think.

    Ossie Davis – this role really introduced me to Ossie and I’ve loved him ever since.

    Dan Hedaya – I know him for two roles: Carla’s ex/husband in Cheers and his (to me) immortal lines in Joe: “I’m not arguing that with YOU!”

    Lloyd Bridges – small role, but I think (hope) that Shanley had him in mind all along for the part.

    Robert Stack – anybody could have played Dr. Ellison, but Robert Stack was in this film to be Robert Stack. The film really wouldn’t have been quite the same without him.

    Nathan Lane – and I can say pretty much the same thing about Lane. If you remember his small part, or watch it again, you’ll understand.

    Abe Vigoda – the most perfectly cast role in the entire movie. who doesn’t love Abe Vigoda?

    Barry McGovern (luggage salesman) – the second most perfectly cast role in the entire movie. actually, the first, but I really like Abe Vigoda.

    Amanda Plummer & Carol Kane – more really great talent in small roles that made such a difference in the final cut.

    So there it is. Thanks for wading through the long reply about a silly film.


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