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Netflix and Reel Reviews

Netflix and Reel Reviews have made up.

1 Response to “Netflix and Reel Reviews”

  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Phillip Molly Malone Sep 29th, 2005 at 8:38 pm

    Maybe you should take some advise from Michael Jackson and Start by looking at the Man in the Mirror!!!!! You say “could have done a better job communicating originally”. Well I put to you that you where much worse in your communication! You had the opportunity to email them at the time (which they in fact invited you to do if you thought they were wrong) and twice you ignored it.

    So in conclusion, I feel like its another case that proves my point that before you blog whinge about something, at least follow the “support” options the company has in place.

    Best of luck with your Affiliation.

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