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Update and New Cinephile Series

Quick podcast update and new Cinephile Series.

Thanks again for everyone who helped with the book, Podcast Solutions. Special thanks to my co-author Dan Klass, Adam Curry who graciously agreed to write the forward and Doug Kaye of IT Conversations whom we can not thank enough for agreeing to act as our Technical Reviewer.

Also keep an eye out for new Disneyland Podcasts as I have been invited back to host a second set of podcasts covering this week’s festivities leading up to the actual 50th Anniversary of Disneyland.

Cinephile Series
The newest addition to the Cinephile Series will be Scarface. Target date is August 8th, 2005. Remember the Cinephile Series is a no-holds barred review with spoilers and all. Take this opportunity to watch the film again prior to the release of the podcast.

Scarface (Widescreen Anniversary Edition)

Direct download: Reel Reviews – July Update (5:15 min 3.7MB)