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Bullitt DVD Give Away!

Pete from RasterWeb requested another Steve McQueen film. I am happy to oblige. In fact I am offering up an unopened copy of the 1968 classic – Bullitt on DVD. I’ll pay the shipping and everything! Here is the deal:

To enter – call in you audio comment to (206) 888-BLOG. Tell us what you like about the show or comment on a film review I have done. Make sure to give your name. If you have an URL that is great – otherwise shoot me an email and let me know which comment is yours. Entrys will be accepted until midnight PST Dec. 11, 2004.

Don’t worry – if you flub your audio comment just say so – hang up and call back. I’ll dump the flubs – we are all friends in the podcasting community. I’ll announce the winner the night I do my Bullitt Reel Review.

Legal disclaimer: I make all the rules – I can change them at any time without notice – if you don’t like that don’t enter. 🙂