Reel Reviews' first podcast published on October 17, 2004 - yes, podcasting in 2004!
After 10 years of no new episodes, AOL finally pulled the epsiodes from their servers.
Most links to the podcasts are now dead.
I keep this here as a record of one of the original podcasts.
- Michael

Homebrew DVD Commentary

Eric Rice had some interesting comments in the podcast he posted today. Among other things he talks about doing your own DVD commentaries. This is something Eric and I discussed briefly at the pre-BloggerCon dinner. I have actually downloaded and listened to a few of these over the years including their Texas Chainsaw Massacre commentary. The main site that seems to host them, DVD tracks, appears to have stagnated recently. However, today I found one for Mulholland Dr. For us frustrated cinephiles it is an interesting idea – any takers?