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After 10 years of no new episodes, AOL finally pulled the epsiodes from their servers.
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I keep this here as a record of one of the original podcasts.
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Overnight – Film Worth Watching

I don’t often go to the theater anymore, I simply wait for the DVD. However, the other day I read about a film that interested me and realized it might not make it to DVD so I went to see it. While it is an overused term, this is truly a cautionary tale of unchecked hubris and ego. Overnight is documentary about the meteoric rise and fall of Troy Duffy, a one-time bartender who is “given” the ultimate gift by none other than Harvey Weinstein of Miramax.

Troy becomes the talk of the town when Miramax purchases his screenplay and he is signed on to direct the film, as well as have his band produce the soundtrack. Two of Troy’s friends begin documenting the Cinderella story. This fairytale quickly turns into a nightmare as Troy’s sense of importance spirals out of control. He often boasts that this town (Hollywood) has never seen raw talent and power like his before. He talks in terms of fighting and destroying everyone in the business. At the end, the only people who are destroyed are Troy and his group of “hanger-oners”. His two friends Mark Smith and Tony Montana, who direct the film, take some pleasure in showing Troy’s downfall. Troy at one point tells them they are worthless and would be nothing without him. The moral of the story – don’t mess with Harvey Weinstein – he can give it and take it away. Ironically, Mark and Tony will probably emerge as the only people with a career after this fiasco. If you like film about film – check it out. You can find the trailer at Think Films.

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