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Archive for November, 2004

MWGblog is Big in Japan

I have no idea what this says but I got a ton of hits from this link. Anyone read Japanese?

Cinephile – David Lynch Clues

For those of you looking forward to the upcoming Cinephile Series podcast on Mulholland Dr. don’t forget David Lynch has given us some hints.

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Homebrew DVD Commentary

Eric Rice had some interesting comments in the podcast he posted today. Among other things he talks about doing your own DVD commentaries. This is something Eric and I discussed briefly at the pre-BloggerCon dinner. I have actually downloaded and listened to a few of these over the years including their Texas Chainsaw Massacre commentary. The main site that seems to host them, DVD tracks, appears to have stagnated recently. However, today I found one for Mulholland Dr. For us frustrated cinephiles it is an interesting idea – any takers?

Rock and Roll Geek Show Sponsorship

As some of you my know, I have agreed to sponsor the next few editions of the Rock and Roll Geek Show. Why you may ask? Because, Michael Butler puts on a kick ass show, one that I listen to. At the same time, I keep hearing him try to get a Heineken sponsorship. I think he will, but in the mean time, since I am a fan I want to support him. I figured the best way to go about that was to sponsor the show.

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Reel Reviews – Mayor of the Sunset Strip

Reel Review #12: This is a documentary that came out in 2003 about Rodney Bingenheimer who is better know as Rodney on the ROQ. Rodney is a Los Angeles radio DJ on KROQ, best know for breaking some of the biggest bands first – often before they even had a record deal. His ability to spot music is amazing. More amazing is the interesting life he has carved out for himself among the celebrity culture of Los Angeles. He is a Zelig like figure, whom celebrities have embraced. This film is a fascinating look at a man who was at the center of it all and never tried to cash in, he did it all for the love of the music.

Direct download of the podcast: Reel Reviews – Mayor of the Sunset Strip
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Cinephile Series Reminder

Just a quick reminder to everyone that our Cinephile Series #2 podcast is going to be Mulholland Dr. I hope to post #2 right around December 6th, so you have roughly one more week to get in on the fun. If you don’t know about the Cinephile Series, you can listen about it here.

Overnight – Film Worth Watching

I don’t often go to the theater anymore, I simply wait for the DVD. However, the other day I read about a film that interested me and realized it might not make it to DVD so I went to see it. While it is an overused term, this is truly a cautionary tale of unchecked hubris and ego. Overnight is documentary about the meteoric rise and fall of Troy Duffy, a one-time bartender who is “given” the ultimate gift by none other than Harvey Weinstein of Miramax.

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As seen on the BBC

How geeky is it to get excited that the BBC podcasting story showed screenshots of my XML file and website. While the average viewer would have never noticed the blur, I took some screenshots for posterity’s sake. That way I can prove my statement: “As seen on the BBC”. In fact I have a screen shot of my feed on G4-Tech TV’s Screensavers. I’m a media darling. It was a great story and I’m glad so many podcasters got mentioned.

UPDATE: Well I would have never thought anyone would have been interested but I have had a few requests for the screenshots. Here they are: XML file and Memento post. Here is the torrent for the show Enjoy!

Reel Reviews – The Limey

Reel Review #11: Here is a good film from 1999. The Limey was directed by Steven Soderbergh. Watch for the inventive use of his visual style, particularly the way the film is edited. The film also has a great cast including Terence Stamp, Peter Fonda, Lesley Ann Warren, Luiz Guzman, Barry Newman and Nicky Katt. Check it out.

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This is a first!

I have actually created something people have deemed worthy of copying. As I stumble along trying to make the blog easy for everyone to use I realized I didn’t have a succinct explanation of how to subscribe to my podcast feed. So a few weeks ago I put together a 5 step “how to” in the right hand column entitled “How To Subscribe”. Today I noticed it has been picked up by a few others. Michael Butler has added it to his site as well as the folks at Found Sound . I think that is cool.

UPDATE: I particularly appreciate the credit Curtis at The Sports Pod provided when he used my How To Subscribe. Thanks man. Also spotted it used over at Podcasting in Ireland.Spotted a variation over at the the Bitterest Pill. It has also popped up at The Bob and AJ show as well as at one of the podcasting pioneers Mr. Matthew Bischoff at Esc From The World. It keeps spreading – cool.

Proud PodSquad Member

Adam Curry has come up with an interesting idea for listing the podcasts that he currently subscribes to. He calls it the PodSquad. It is an OPML file, but the way he is using it might best be described as a link list or blogrole on steroids. The hope, with help from some developers, is that a user could import the OPML file into their podcatching client and subscribe to all the included feeds in one fell swoop. With the number of podcasts exploding and not enough time to sort through them all, this would make it easy to find a “trusted source” and subscribe to the feeds they subscribe to. This opens the way for pseudo stations. I think we just saw the first step in podcast programming.

Update – Cinephile Series #2

Listen to the audio update for details on our movie choice for the second Cinephile Series. The film for Cinephile Series #2 is Mulholland Dr. The podcast will be posted in approximately 14 days. So go out, get the film – watch it!

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Behold the sign of podcasting success!

Shut down notice

My podcasting compatriot Michael Butler from the Rock and Roll Geek Show has once again earned the podcasting badge of honor – an Account Suspension Notice for exceeding his bandwidth quota. I am thinking of starting a podcasting Hall of Fame where you have to submit you hosting shut down notice to be considered for membership. Congratulations Michael! Not to worry, we will get this bandwidth thing figured out soon enough.

This week’s DVDs

Another mixed bag. My favorite recent British comedy, The Office – Special. A film I have heard lots of good things about, City of God. A more family oriented film, Elf – always got to give John Favreau and Will Ferrell the nod. Finally the dark horse of the bunch: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. Mike Hodges, Clive Owen and Malcolm McDowell. Good things can come from a group like that – I’ll keep you posted.

Reel Reviews – Cinephile Series #1

PolaroidReel Review #10: In our first Cinephile Series podcast we examine Memento. This is one of those films that seems to stick with people, leaving them with more questions than answers. How does someone whose memory is comprised of Polaroids and tattoos survive? What is the meaning of memory? The biggest question – what the heck is going on in this film? Memento is a classic puzzle film meshed with a Neo Noir sensibility. Remember, the Cinephile Series assumes you have already seen the film. You have been warned.

Direct download of the podcast: Memento (28min 12.9MB)
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I’ll be on TV tomorrow night

I am supposed to be interviewed on the Emmy Award winning Real Orange Wednesday, November 17th. The show is produced by the local PBS station KOCE. It is on a topic other than podcasting. (Though I’m going to try to sell them on having me back to talk about that.) You might have heard Adam Curry refer to the other “interesting” things I do in a recent Daily Source Code. One of them is the focus of this interview. I am the current president of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization (YEO) in Orange County. They are having me on to talk about YEO. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Cinephile Series Update

I am just finishing up my notes on Memento. I’ve seen the film three times now, including once in chronological order. (That took some doing.) I’ll be sure to post links on how to achieve this. Hopefully I’ll have time tonight to record the Cinephile Series podcast. A lot of my listeners have written saying they are looking forward to this particular podcast. I appreciate all the nice comments – we are close.

Podcasting 101 – Session Links

Here are the links from the Podcasting 101 sessions:html links

Reel Reviews – BAADASSSSS!

Reel Review #9: Watch as Mario Van Peebles pays tribute to his father, Melvin Van Peebles, in BAADASSSS! A film version of the making of Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song. This is a great film about the making of a film. In fact, Sweetback, ushered in the Blaxploitation genre. Remember: You bled my Momma – you bled my Poppa – but you won’t bleed me.

Direct download of the podcast: Reel Reviews – Baadasssss!
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Listener Submitted Review – The Incredibles

Brian Alkerton, who attends Glendon College in Toronto, has submitted a recorded version of his review of the Incredibles he did for his college newspaper. I have had a few people ask if I know anything about the Incredibles and thought I would pass this along. See what happens when you submit audio.

Direct Download: Listener submitted: Brian Alkerton – The Incredibles

Reel Reviews – Dazed and Confused

Reel Review #8: Here is another fun film. No work involved, just a good time. Today we discuss Dazed and Confused, the 1993 film by independant film director Richard Linklater hot off his success with Slacker. This film has a cast of young actors just about to hit, including Matthew McConaughey’s breakout role. That plus a great soundtrack makes for a great Friday night film.

Direct download of the podcast: Reel Reviews – Dazed and Confused
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Tuesday’s new DVDs

Picked up three rather eclectic films today. I got Ju-On, a Japanese horror film. The recently released film The Grudge with Sarah Michelle Gellar is the US remake version. I also picked up a film I saw in the theater not too long ago which was great – Zatoichi – The Blind Swordsman. This film is awesome and I’m excited it is out on DVD. Best of all it comes with another good Japanese film Sonatine. Both films are written by, directed and star Japanese film superstar Takeshi Kitano. Don’t let sub-titles hold you back; Japanese filmmakers are putting out some great cinema. Finally, I picked up a film I have yet to see: A Day Without A Mexican. I

Updates – BloggerCon, Cinephile Series and more

Audio update on my new header graphic, BloggerCon, Podcasting 101 and the Cinephile Series. The number for Cinephile Series comments and feedback or any other audio you wish to send by phone is (267) 224-2339. Just leave a message after the beep and it will automatically get sent to me.

Direct download here.
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BloggerCon Wrap Up

First of all a big “Thank You” goes out to Dave Winer and everyone who worked so hard to put together BloggerCon. It was quite an experience. I was focused on the opportunity to interact with other podcasters so, for me, it was PodcasterCon. I spent a good deal of time talking with Dave Slusher of Evil Genius Chronicles. He is a really smart and interesting guy. I appreciated the opportunity to meet him. I also had an opportunity to sit down with Adam Curry and Steve Gillmor over drinks and get their perspective on where we are headed. Dannie Gregoire, the man who invented the term


I had a great time at BloggerCon. Tomorrow I’ll post/podcast about it. I want to post about so many great people I met, it will take me a day just to put all the links together. I’m not the superman blogger some of these guys are. One thing I will comment on is the real feeling of esprit de corps among the “early” (read first 12 weeks) podcasters. Everyone has a positive attitude and is really receptive to each other. I’ll post all about it tomorrow. I’m tired – time to go watch Memento!

Thank you John from Dogmatic

As you probably noticed I have a new header. It has been provided courtesy of John over at Dogmatic. John is a Co-Director of a new media & web-development company in Melbourne Austrailia. (Check out his new Texas Chainsaw Massacre theme – it rocks!) I really appreciate his generosity, without it we would be stuck with the plain blue header image forever – I have no game when it comes to design/ graphic artist skills. Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks again John.

Podcasting 101

I have been asked to be the presenter for two seminars entitled “Podcasting 101” at the Southern California Mac Fair November 13 & 14. It is going to be held at Cerritos College, Student Activities Center, 11110 Alondra Blvd., Norwalk, CA The Podcasting Seminars are at 1:30PM on Saturday and 2:30PM on Sunday. If you are local and want to learn about podcasts or how to produce them please come on by. It is a good event and should be a lot of fun. If you come, please be sure to introduce yourself – I’d love to meet you.

Reel Reviews – Dr. Strangelove

Reel Review #7: Gentleman! You can’t fight in here – this is the War Room! Dr. Strangelove – what can I say? This is a must see picture. Yes, it is in black & white – get over it! Watch Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden and Slim Pickens under the guidance of one of the greatest directors to have ever lived – Stanley Kubrick, entertain you in a film that has stood the test of time. Find out why you must preserve the purity and essence of our precious bodily fluids. Dr. Strangelove consistently ranks as one of the top comedies ever made as well as one of the best films of all time!

Direct download of the podcast: Reel Reviews – Dr. Strangelove
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Update – Cinephile Series

Listen to the audio update for details on our movie choice for the first Cinephile Series. The first film is Memento. The Cinephile Series podcast will be posted in approximately 10 days. So go out, get the film – watch it!

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Reel Reviews – Patton

Reel Review #6: This is one of the greatest films of all time. George C. Scott excels in the role of a lifetime. Patton is one of those defining films; either you have seen it or you have not.

Direct download of the podcast: Reel Reviews – Patton
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Good picks for November 2nd!

Two great movies will see new DVD releases on Tuesday the 2nd. Dazed and Confused, Richard Linklater’s first studio backed production after his groundbreaking independant release Slacker (now available from Criterion). This is the first anamorphic DVD release for D&C. Also, Dr. Strangelove, a Kubrick classic, will be released in a special 2 disc special edition. These are two movies I really enjoy, so look for reviews that will be forthcoming.