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Archive for October, 2004

Reel Reviews gets 5 stars!

Reel Reviews received a five star rating from Podcast Bunker. Thanks guys!



Reel Reviews Halloween Pick – Suspiria

Reel Review #5: The only thing more terrifying than the last 12 minutes of this film are the first 92. So goes the tagline for this modern horror classic. Sit back and enjoy expert direction by Dario Argento in this hauntingly beautiful film. Check out our Halloween pick – Suspiria.

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Update – New Cinephile Series!

Listen to the audio update for details on our exciting new cinephile series.

Direct download here.

NY Times & Philadelphia Inquirer

Reel Reviews was featured in two different newspaper articles today. A New York Times article about podcasting mentioned Reel Reviews among 5 featured podcasts in the sidebar. I was also interviewed for a Philadelphia Inquirer article that talks about Reel Reviews and podcasting.

Reel Review – Once Upon A Time in The West

Reel Review #4: I know, you last remember Henry Fonda from On Golden Pond. How about seeing Fonda, Bronson, Cardinale & Robards at their best? Here it is – Once Upon a Time in the West. Sergio Leone’s epic Western.

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Reel Reviews update

Check out the audio update for Reel Reviews subscribers. Listen here.

Reel Reviews gets reviewed

Well it was bound to happen – the reviewer gets reviewed. Kinrowan posted a very positive review over at It also looks like we gained him as our newest subscriber. Check out the review here.

Reel Reviews – High Fidelity

Reel Review #3: Looking for a fun film – one that you can just relax and enjoy? Today we discuss High Fidelity. No heavy lifting required. This is an easy to like film that came out in 2000. Grab a bowl of popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy. Be careful though – the soundtrack is awesome and may inspire a trip to your local record shop. I have at least three albums as a direct result of this film. Watch for Jack Black in a break out role and learn why we all should be on the look out for “Sonic Death Monkey”. Something for everyone.

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What a day!

This morning Dave Slusher had some very kind things to say about Reel Reviews. This afternoon Jimbob at Whole Wheat Radio cites Reel Reviews in a list of “treasure” among podcasts. I get home from work today to find MWGblog appearing in a segment on G4 Tech TV’s The Screensavers about iPodderX. Tonight, I did an interview with a reporter from the New York Times. I’ve been at this for 10 days – I can’t believe this. I really appreciate all the positive attention. Thank you!

Look for some exciting new Reel Reviews this weekend!

Reel Reviews in on Evil Genius Chronicles

Wow – I feel like the Red Sox. Today I was pleased to hear Dave Slusher mention Reel Reviews on the Evil Genius Chronicles. Dave gave us a very favorable review. I was particularly pleased to hear that my review of The Kid Stays in the Picture has inspired Dave to see the film. That was my goal when I started this – there is no better compliment. Thanks Dave.

Reel Reviews is on The Daily Source Code

Adam Curry was kind enough to mention Reel Reviews on the Daily Source Code today. While I was pleased to receive such a favorable mention it was also quite an emotional show. Rather than me trying to explain, if you have not listened to the Oct 20th DSC please take the time to do. Thanks again Adam.

Reel Reviews – The Kid Stays in the Picture

Reel Review #2: Here is a documentary that came out in 2002 that any film fan should see. The story of Robert Evans during his term at the head of Paramount Pictures. Larger than life figures are always appealing and there are few larger than Robert Evans. Fascinating and entertaining – a film worth watching!

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Thanks for the feedback!

I have received terrific feedback from my first podcast. Thank you! Please keep it coming. As you might imagine I am still learning and gaining a level of comfort in this. I have no radio or professional experience so any comment, criticism or encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Tuesday’s DVDs

Picked up Ed Wood, a film I have been waiting for and Van Helsing. I bought Van Helsing for a simple reason – I’ll buy any film that Kate Beckinsale is in. Ever since Last Days of Disco, I have been a Beckinsale fan – perhaps one day she’ll be in a good movie again. I expect Van Helsing will give the subwoofers a workout – probably not much else. We’ll see.

Reel Reviews – The Getaway

Reel Review #1: So here it is, the first podcast of Reel Reviews – Films Worth Watching. Today I discuss the 1972 original version of the The Getaway. After listening to podcasts for the last 6 weeks it is time to jump in. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Adam Curry on IT Conversations

There is a good interview of Adam Curry by Doug Kaye on IT Conversations. Here it is: IT Conversations: Adam Curry – Behind the Mic.

My comments appeared on Trade Secrets

Once again, some of my comments were featured on Trade Secrets today. Check it out – 42:05 in.Trade Secrets

Genre = Podcast & Doug Kaye

Blogarithms: Doug Kaye posted this opinion on Podcasting and the Genre tag. He’s wrong – but for the right reasons. From an altruistic or purist point of view he is correct, but we live in the real world. See my comments below.


Regarding your comments about genre assignment as podcast – in an ideal world where all podcaster’s take the time to carefully complete their metadata in a consitent manner, I would agree with you. However, as anyone who is aggregating podcasts can attest, the id3 tags are all over the map from nonexistent to quite informative. My original suggestion as setting genre to podcast was to make it easy for people to set playlists of newly acquired material. Without some consistent tag it becomes difficult to organize podcasts from your audio books, music and actual speech recordings. While one can argue that podcast is not a genre in the dictionary sense of the word (I would agree with you there) that is not really the point. Genre in terms of mp3s and playlists is a subjective tag used to identify content. From my reading of the id3 v2.4 spec, genre is part of the TCON or content type frame. Of all the possible choices, that seems the most accessible for setting as a consistent identifier of podcasts.

As an example, would you suggest the genre of a show with interviews, music and commentary to be set as rock, speech, interview, audioblog or commentary? How would you find it among the 8000 other audio items on your hard disk a year from now? (Obviously, as a skilled producer of audio content I know that you have a sophisticated organizational system, but I am talking about the average user here my wife for example.) If it has a tag consistent to the transmission mechanism “podcast” the average user will be much closer to finding it quickly. Additionally, should the content be passed along to someone else, that person would be introduced to the world of podcasts by simply looking at the tags. One more way of growing the community couldn’t hurt.

Ultimately, I think we agree. Podcasting is a transmission mechanism. It is, I believe, revolutionary and important. However, the reality is that we are currently importing podcasts into organizational systems whose default assumption is that the content is music. As such, items like audio books get a genre assignment of audiobook rather than the countless possible “real” genres one could assign them. Not because one is trying to undermine the importance of autobiography vs. murder mystery, but because it makes it easier and more convenient for the end user. I don’t see how that is a “bad idea”.

P.S. I really enjoy your work with IT Conversations, I look forward to each edition. Though, in the spirit of full disclosure I must confess, iPodderX is set to change the genre to “podcast”when it imports that way it gets right onto my iPod.

I’m on the Daily Source Code!

39:06 in to the podcast Adam plays my comments to Dave Slusher regarding podcasting! Daily Source Code

I’m on Evil Genius Chronicles!

Check it out 2:00 minutes in – there I am! Evil Genius Chronicles